Workplace Training Solutions & Consulting Services

Blue Spectrum Solutions can customize training programs to meet your organization's needs. Take a look at some of the course offerings below or let us know how we might be able to build a training class or program that fits your organization's culture and team.


All 3 hour training classes are $295 for a class size of up to 5 students. Each additional student is $19. The below courses can be offered at 3 hour, 5 hour, and 8+ hour lengths depending on needs, certifications, and skill practice time. Trainings can be offered as one-on-one coachings or in groups of any size. Each additional hour for courses is $95.


In addition, Blue Spectrum Solutions can offer consultation services. Consultating can be from a minimal conversation and assessment to a short or long term relationship for bringing about change and advancement in your organization or team. I've helped organizations look at their processes and policies by actually working alongside front-line staff and managers to gain both an outsider's and an insider's perspective on how the operations are working and where efficiencies, training, policies, and procedures can be brought in to help correct issues, help employees be successful, and implement new programs and initiatives.


Workplace Safety

These training courses can be customized in length, scope, and industry.

Building Teams, Culture, and Relationships at Work

These training courses can be customized in length, scope, and industry.

Restorative Justice / Circle Facilitation

These trainings are for community groups, businesses, schools, and teams.

They can be customized for improving your internal team or for dealing with clients at your organization. Right now, we're implementing restorative justice solutions for working with clients who stay overnight at shelters and visit a day resource center. These trainings help build a sense of community and help the culture of that community become more restorative by repairing harms instead of being punitive when clients act out, make threats, disrupt services, or violate rules of the community. 

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