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What precautions are we taking to protect students from COVID-19?

Blue Spectrum Solutions continues to take guidance from the CDC and local government regarding all preventative measures. We have limited class sizes in order to practice social distancing. We have also incresaed cleaning procedures to help protect all students and instructors. Manikins are not shared during classes and are fully cleaned and sanitized between each class. Masks may be required if class is held in an enclosed space with non-vaccinated students. Gloves will be offered to all students and may be used in certain training components. Blue Spectrum Solutions is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students and instructors. If you are sick or have sypmtoms including fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please do not come to class. Future arrangements will be made. 

By going out in public and attending safety classes, you acknowledge the contagious nature of the Coronavirus. Blue Spectrum Solutions cannot guarantee that you will not become infected by the virus. We will take steps to limit that risk, including offering online and remote trainings and skill sessions. 





Is ONLINE training for CPR or First Aid offered and just as acceptable to take?

Online certification in CPR and First Aid is not OSHA compliant and may not be acceptable for your profession or for your needs. However, if you are wanting to learn CPR or First Aid for personal knowledge only and not for your workplace, school, or community groupy, an online-only class is a great way to get an overview of how you might be able to help in an emergency. But remember, an online-only class does not offer you any hands-on practice with manikins, cpr masks, AED trainers, or first aid supplies you'll use in real life. When an emergency happens, you'll always revert back to muscle memory and your training. If you never practiced before, you won't have the skills to put to work when needed. This is why OSHA, and most industry regulations require the hands-on piece to emergency training. And, this is why Blue Spectrum Solutions does not offer online-only courses in CPR and First Aid. However we do offer blended courses where you can watch the videos and participate in interactive training online before coming to a shortened in-person class to test your skills. Blended courses are OSHA compliant and allow you to take the learning portion of the course at your own pace and then meet up with an instructor to ask questions, test your knowledge, and to test your skills. 


What is the difference between American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC), and American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)?

There really is not much of a difference at all. All three certifying bodies follow the same national standards and the same science. You'll learn the same things in each course from each provider. The differences come from what each organization does and why some agencies work closer with one as compared to another. For years, the American Heart Association was one of the only organizations who provided advanced training and certification for cardiac care for medical staff. This meant many hospitals required their staff to become CPR certified by the AHA and not the Red Cross or ASHI. But ASHI and the Red Cross now also offers ACLS. And, many medical professionals do not require advanced cardiac life support training so they can receive BLS certification from Red Cross or ASHI. If you do not need BLS certification and only community or lay-person CPR or First Aid, then Red Cross or ASHI is sufficient. Red Cross focuses their efforts on disaster relief and much of their training funds are used for that. ASHI has the same high standards, but they only focus on emergency and workplace safety training. Their prices are sometimes lower, which make them more affordable. Blue Spectrum Solutions offers CPR training from the Red Cross and ASHI. Check with us to see which class would be best for you or your organization. 


What is the difference between BLS (Basic Life Support) and CPR/AED?

BLS is a higher level CPR course for professionals in the healthcare arena or those who have a duty to respond, such as law enforcement officers, EMTs and EMRs, lifeguards, and ski patrol. If you do not respond to emergencies as a part of your job, you would probably just need the CPR/AED course which is for everyone else. The courses cover all of the same things, except the BLS course will use additional tools that will be available to medical/professional providers. 


Are there any discounts available?

At times there may be discounts available. You may have received a discount card in the mail or seen a flyer in the community or an advertisement online. Please note the discount code and be sure to mention the code at check-out or when you contact us via email or by phone. We also offer group discounts. Please talk to us to see if we can help with the price. 


Where do you offer training? 

Blue Spectrum Solutions conducts most training sessions on-site at the customer's location. Training is provided in the Denver Metro Area at the prices listed. We can also provide training outside of the Denver Metro Area, but there may be an additional travel fee or a minimum number of students required. If you are unable to host the training at your site, Blue Spectrum Solutions may be able to help locate a training site. Depending on the site, there may be a cost involved in renting the space, if it is not free. The rental cost will be added to the cost of the training, unless otherwise agreed to. 

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